My Dad...

My Dad...
Herbie "Pompeii" Pilato

Monday, January 17, 2011

Points of Light For Today


Do you really think the God of Heaven cares whether or not you have a Mercedes?

Certainly, it is good to have nice things, and there's nothing wrong with having nice things (as long as you don't think having nice things make you superior to others who do not have nice things).

But the God of Heaven has other things to think about than answering your prayers to have a nice car or to make sure your next business deal goes through?

All the God of Heaven cares about is LOVE.

That's it.

Nothing else.


If somehow you are or feel more Loving, because you have a nice car, or a good job, or because a business deal went through, that's wonderful.

But it wasn't the God of Heaven who answered those particular prayers.

Not unless you plan on giving that Mercedes away to someone else.


Does anybody anymore really just buy anything just have it and enjoy it?!

Does EVERYTHING have to be an "investment"?

Can't we just buy a house or a car and just embrace it for what it is - in the moment?

Do our homes and vehichles HAVE to give us a "return investment" - one that we "trade in" on in only a few years?

In days gone... by, people actually purchased homes and cars, long term, to enjoy them...over a lifetime.

Maybe not so much with cars, but houses for sure. Let's stop the insanity, ok?

So, just buy your house, or your condo, or even sign a long-term lease on a beautiful apartment home...and ENJOY it - TODAY...and stop thinking about what kind of "return investment" you can or will make on it in the future.

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