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My Dad...
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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

"Mamma" by Mary Tomassetti

I share with you today an essay written by the Mother of very dear friends of mine. Her name, Mary Tomassetti, of Rochester, New York, originally of Genoa, Italy (also known as Genova).

My own dear Mother, Frances Turri Pilato, had introduced me to Mrs. Tomassetti years ago, in the 1960s, on a plane ride from Rochester to Miami. Our two families were united there, by yet another great Mom, my aunt, Rita Tacci, the distinguished teacher of Rochester who gracefully guided what would become many great minds of the area.

I remember clearly my Mother turning to me (then only 8-years-old) on the plane, and saying of Mrs. Tomassetti, "She speaks seven languages."

Upon relaying this story to Mrs. Tomassetti decades later, she laughed and with the sweetest modesty, corrected me and said, "Only four."

As Mother's Day will be soon upon us, and in honor of Mrs. Tomassetti, or as she prefers to be called, "Mamma T," my dear Aunt Rita (who passed away in 1985), and of course my own outstanding Mother, who I lovingly recall as "St. Frances of Turri" (and who now abides in Heaven with my Dad, "St. Pompeii"), I share with you a beautiful essay that "Mamma T" composed about the beauty and essence of Motherhood, simply titled, "Mamma."

Embrace and Enjoy....

Herbie J


"Mamma" by Mary Tomassetti

"It is a universal day each year to honor Mother. We used to say in a well known proverb: 'Who loves you more than your Mother deceives you.' It is very true. The true Mother is a special thing to remember every day, every hour, every moment of our life. For it is only to her who we can soley be greateful for the joy of life.

"A Mother can exchange the infinite Love for her children. Even in the extraordinary or the most trying situation, she is always close and understanding. Even in dealing with unpleasant truths, the Mother, with much dignity and sincerity, disciplines and redirects her children along the right paths. The Mother knows everything by intuition and is always loyal to her loved ones - her family. She loves and adores her husband and children more than anything or anyone else in the world. Children are the fruit of her marriage, and it gives her joy to be a Mother.

"Even if she does not know how to express this sentiment, it comes from the heart. She is always close to her children even before their birth. Who can undestand the pain and suffering a Mother experiences during her labor partum for her children? No one can answer that. It is a Mother who can dry the tears from the eyes and comfort a child from birth through infancy.

"She illuminates the world with her immense Love. As the years pass by, she inspires and helps develop the strength, character, and morals of her children. Her smile demonstrates the importance and pride her family holds within her.

"'Mamma' is the name newborn babies utter as soon as they learn to talk. The oceans and stormy lakes sing, the winds whisper, and even 'la terra' implores, 'Mamma, Mamma!' When our last moments on Earth arrive, we will also implore, 'Mamma!'"

"'Oh, Mamma mia" is a typical Italian expression used both universally and indiscriminately. The name 'Mamma' is a solid name...marvelous, inspiring, grandiose, powerful. 'Mamma' is a definition of great Love, generosity, integrity and solemnity.

"A Mother can be symbolized by the Virgin Mary, by a Nation, one who can protect her children in good times and in bad.

"On this special day, even the Mother who has deceased recently or long ago remembers and shines from the Heavens upon her children. These Mothers who are no longer with us will always remain close to their children's hearts. A Mother is remembered as she who gives life, eliminates trouble from her child's life, and never betrays them.

"A Mother is the one who often goes unrecognized and does the impossible for her children and without a response of gratitude.

"'Mamma' means Love, dedication and sacrifice without limits. The genuine Mother knows how to survive silently, give totally of herself, and not expect the same in return.

"This means 'Mamma.'"

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  1. Dear Herbie J,
    Thank you for sharing this item, written by my mother-in-law. I can tell you that she is a very special lady as you know. Nothing, NOTHING is more important to Mamma T than her four boys. She has sacrificed "without limits" for her boys and they do the same for her. I am blessed to have married her first son, Victor. Thank you Mary for raising up such a wonderful man. Happy Mother's Day!
    Love, Jennifer