My Dad...

My Dad...
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Friday, November 12, 2010

"Summer Days, '78"

The Summer of '78 was definately one of the best summers of my life.

As detailed in the last two posts, it was the summer following my high-school graduation (just as the kids from Rydell High were doing the same in the super hit movie musical of that year, Grease). It was also the first summer in what I will now name as Greenleaf Meadows - the rental townhouse community in the suburb of Rochester, NY (my hometown) called Greece.

Not only was it the summer I met "Diana" (which see previous post, My Words Kissed Her Eyes), and had my first cross-country job (which see The Adventures of Ralph and Butch), but it was best summer of carefree fun that I ever experienced.

Being 17 in 1978 was filled with many more carefree moments that being 17 today. At least, I can only surmize it so.

As I have observed elsewhere on this blog, the Summer of '78 was a simpler happier time, specifically for me and my family who moved to Greenleaf from the inner-city.

I met so many wonderful friends that summer, including Robin and her sister Gwen, who worked at Burger King; Tanya, and yet another hot young hot blonde, who I remember as Betty, who lived right opposite the pool...and on and on.

It was the months before I began my Freshman Year as a Theatre Major attending Nazareth College, in Pittsford, NY; it was also the summer when I commenced work as a meatroom cleaner at Topps Supermarket, where I met so many other wonderful friends, like Carolyn, her cousin Marie, Terry, Jimmy D., Scott, Michelle, Dave, and again, so many more.

Times to cherish; memories to hold dear - and to blog about.


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